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Alberta is one of the greatest places in the world to live. Let's keep it that way! 
Energy Policy

The global demand for oil and natural gas will continue to grow in coming years, even as renewable sources of energy provide a greater share of the world's energy. Alberta has been blessed with an abundance of renewable and non-renewable energy resources. It is the responsibility of Albertans to ensure that our resources are developed in a sustainable manner that supports both a healthy global environment and a strong Alberta economy. 

Oil and natural gas from Alberta are produced using cutting edge environmental technologies in order to reduce the environmental footprint of those petroleum products. Much of this technology was developed in our province.  In contrast, many of Alberta's competitors in the global oil and gas market do not prioritize the environment when developing their oil and gas resources. Societal values that Albertans take for granted, including democracy, the right to free speech, and the inherent recognition of women as being equal to men, are not protected in many petroleum states. As long as demand for oil and gas remains high, global producers will ensure that the demand is met. Alberta's oil and gas industry should be supported to ensure that as much of the world's oil and gas needs as possible are met using petroleum products which were sourced in an environmentally conscious and socially ethical manner. 

Alberta should also focus on developing technology to improve oil and gas production, as well as to produce alternative forms of energy. Our province has an abundance of individuals with unparalleled knowledge in the energy sector. By taking a forward looking stance, Alberta will continue to be an energy leader in the future. 

Cost of Living

Canada is experiencing inflation at rates not seen since the 1980s. While many strategies to curb inflation are not within provincial jurisdiction, there are steps that the Government of Alberta can take to limit the effect of inflation and soaring costs of living for everyday Albertans.


By maintaining low income tax rates, providing tax breaks on necessities such as gasoline when prices are high, and ensuring a strong supply of goods Albertan's need, the Government of Alberta can help all Albertans when costs soar. Some of these strategies are short term and will provide instant relief to Albertans. Others are longer term and will prevent higher costs for Albertans in the future. 


Alberta's healthcare system has been tested by Covid-19.  Several weaknesses in our systems and our infrastructure have been revealed. Now that we know where improvement is needed, we have an opportunity to improve our health system accordingly.

Albertans should not be suffering as they wait for ambulance services. We should not have to be wait listed for years in order to receive necessary surgeries. Every Albertan should have access to a family doctor. 


Alberta needs a healthcare system that is universal and comprehensive.  The system should be proactive rather than reactive, accountable, sustainable and cost effective. Alberta should focus on providing excellent front line services to patients utilizing a streamlined administration to underpin those services. We should look to other healthcare systems in the world which have the best results and take inspiration for our system. 

Government Spending

Anybody who has lived in Alberta can attest to the up-and-down cycles of our provincial economy. It is the responsibility of the Government of Alberta to ensure that money is managed responsibly during boom times so that Albertans are able to enjoy the same quality of life during more difficult economic times. This will require a comprehensive financial strategy that prioritizes efficient and accountable spending for today and a proactive saving strategy for tomorrow.

The Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund should be used as a vehicle for future prosperity, taking cues from other petroleum economies such as Norway and Alaska, Alberta can ensure that boom time wealth will support Albertans in the future regardless of commodity prices.